Are you ready to file for divorce in Texas?

When filing for divorce in Texas, there are certain things to consider.  First, a party must decide where they will file their divorce. 

Generally, a Texas Court must have jurisdiction to make a decision about your disputes.  Texas Family Code, Chapter 6, Section 3.01 states, “A suit for divorce may not be maintained in this state unless at the time the suit is filed either the petitioner or the respondent has been: (1)  a domiciliary of this state for the preceding six-month period;  and (2)  a resident of the county in which the suit is filed for the preceding 90-day period.” Usually, before a divorce suit is filed in Texas, the petitioner will decide what Court has jurisdiction to make a decision regarding the contested issues in the divorce suit.  If you have any questions about jurisdiction and other legal issues involving your divorce, you should consult a lawyer. 

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